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Embedded software

We undertake product innovation projects with and for clients using our network of hands-on experts. We mainly work with technology-based start-ups and SMEs, and our focus is on products that use sensors for detection, measurement, imaging or control. In areas including medical (we’re ISO 13485 certified), security/defense, process control and IoT—see some examples here.

Call us product developers, design engineers or innovation consultants: We work hands-on with clients to turn ideas, insights and inventions into prototypes and products, into value and profit. We design, engineer, shape, build, and test. Probe, search, sift, and find. Construct, calculate, sketch, and tinker. Define, plan, manage, and deliver projects. Create, add and multiply value.

If you’re faced with a product development challenge, talk to us. We might just be the right partner.

Recent blog posts

“Panchromos helped us make molecular diagnostics simple, robust and affordable”

Laurence Tisi – CEO, Lumora Ltd

“Panchromos produced a robust and functional prototype for field trials in a cost-effective manner”

Lucius Cary – Director, Inscentinel Ltd

“We set out to improve image quality and ease of use while drastically reducing production cost: We succeeded on all three counts”

Symon Cotton – CSO and founder, Astron Clinica Ltd