250Mpix sensor

Canon develops 250 Mpixel CMOS image sensor

I came across this article on EE-times. A quarter gigapixels on a chip smaller than an old 35mm negative is a fantastic accomplishment—but what does it really mean?

The array of 19,580 by 12,600 pixels measures 29.2mm by 20.2mm—a fraction over APS-H format; that gives it a pixel pitch of about 1.5µm. Those pixels are somewhat larger than for commodity mobile phone 8-16 Mpixel imager chips (1.2µm) but a lot smaller than for your typical consumer DSLR (about 3µm), let alone professional DSLR (over 5µm).

Selfoc Lens Arrays

Selfoc Lens Arrays

I first came across Selfoc Lens Arrays (SLAs) about 20 years ago.

At that time I was working as a product development engineer for the Dutch copier and printer manufacturer Océ, and involved in the design of a meter-wide LED print head. We used an SLA spanning the full width of the printhead to project an image of a strip of over 10,000 LEDs onto a photoconductor drum.