Product Realisation

Make, sell and use the product


Once the design is finished, your product still needs to be made, approved, sold, shipped, installed, used, maintained and disposed of. Mostly that will be up to you and/or your marketing partners, though we can certainly assist with a number of these activities:


We’ll be happy to assist you in identifying and organising a good route to have your product manufactured. In the case of high-volume products that might mean using suppliers in the Far East, but in most cases it will make more sense to stay closer to home. We’ve got good experience working with contract manufacturers in the UK and in Poland.

For one project we needed to build a few thousand prototypes of a semi-disposable cartridge. We created a few simple production tools and worked with a contract manufacturer who assembled, programmed and tested all devices.


We can assist you in CE-marking your product. In some cases self-certification is permitted in which case we can undertake all required EMC/EMI and ESD testing in a facility in Hertfordshire, in other cases we’ll work with a certified testing house to conduct these tests.


We can make photorealistic renderings using the 3-D CAD data created during design engineering. This can help you market and sell the product before a single one is produced.

Technical illustration

We can use the same 3-D CAD data to create technical illustrations for inclusion in installation, service or user manuals