Smart fork clocks meals

The HAPIfork—equipped with sensors to measure how much and how fast you eat—is set to go on sale in April for $99.

If it finds you eat too fast it will vibrate and flash to urge you to take it slow. HAPIfork is the brainchild of US company HAPIlabs and set to be crowdfunded via Kickstarter.

The fork will track the number of fork servings, the duration between those servings and the overall duration of the meal session. “Eating too fast and not taking enough time to chew each mouthful leads to over-eating and poor digestion”, the company says. Apart from direct feedback the fork will also wirelessly connect to a smartphone, interfacing with a healthy eating app as part of a coaching program to help you change your eating behaviour.

I can see the rationale behind the HAPIfork, but wonder if it would make more sense to put your dinner plate on a scale—perhaps a bluetooth-enabled one embedded in a place mat? Then you’re also covered when you eat with a spoon, or with your fingers…

HAPIchopsticks next?

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