iTeam Lent 2015 Gax

Who wants a pocket gas chromatograph?

This lent term I’m once again mentoring an i-Teams group (and eating plenty of pizza doing so). We’re looking at potential market applications for a small hand-held gas chromatograph (GC) with a thermal conductivity sensor.

The technology is the result of the research done by Dr. R. Vasant Kumar and Dr. Sohab Sarfraz of the department of Material Science and Metallurgy. The novelty of their thermal conductivity sensor—in itself a very well established sensor type—is that their version is insensitive to gas flow rate variations.

Must read books

5 must-reads for aspiring entrepreneurs

Here are 5 must-read books for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you think you’ve got a great technology and are looking to create a start-up company to bring it to market these offer some food for thought.

1. The four steps to the epiphany – Steve Blank

The basic premise of this book is that the usual path a start-up follows to market—the Product Development path—is mis-used to guide all other business functions: Marketing, sales and operations. What works for product development turns out to be ill-suited for launching novel products into uncharted or undefined markets: A situation faced by many technology-driven start-ups.
The alternative Blank promotes is the path of Customer Development, where the most significant milestone is not “product ready for launch”, but “sales model validated by customers”.