Why us?

7 reasons why you should work with us...and a few why you shouldn't

1. A team to suit your project

And not a project to suit our team. I only take on projects where I can make a significant personal contribution. I do not employ permanent staff but put together a project team from my network of experienced independent associates. Together we cover many disciplines including industrial design, applied physics, optics, mechanical & electronic engineering, embedded software development, user research, regulatory affairs, grant applications, market research and manufacturing.

2. We care. A lot

My associates and I are all independent professionals. We own our businesses and work on client projects because we want to, not because we have to. As our livelyhood directly relies on making and keeping our clients happy you can be sure we are all highly motivated.

3. We’re flexible

I understand that as a small or early-stage business your priorities and constraints can quickly change. A funding opportunity, potential client request or unexpected test results might lead to a change of tack. We all work flexible hours from our home offices, and I’ve got a well-equipped workshop and lab so finishing a prototype over the weekend is possible.

We can also be flexible in our commercial arrangements. Most clients opt for a straightforward “fees-for-services” deal but I’m open to discussing alternatives including success fees, “sweat equity” investment, and other risk/reward sharing models.

4. Design for Value

I love technology. I love design. But I also love sales—for years I was sales and marketing director at a number of early-stage technology companies. I keep in mind that the ultimate goal of our projects is to create marketable value for you. That drives our design choices.

5. You own the IP

My default position is that if you fully paid for the work, you own the IP. Not all my competitors work that way.

6. My guarantee

Our work comes with a solid guarantee: You only pay us when your happy we’ve met our mutually agreed expectations.

7. We’re nice people

Really, we are! You don’t want to collaborate intensely with people you don’t like. Let’s make collaboration fun!

…and a few reasons why you shouldn’t

Your project is too big

We can comfortably handle projects that require a total effort of no more than 18 full man-months (split over the entire team). That’s still 360 man-days. A lot can be achieved with that amount of effort.

The work needs to be done on-site

We generally work from our own homes—it’s one of the reasons we’ve chosen to become independent—and don’t act as on-site contractors. That said we do generally expect to spend time elsewhere on user research, prototype tests, design reviews etc.

Your project requires continuous access to specialised infrastructure

We’re well equipped to do most common product design work, and when a project calls for specialist equipment or infrastructure for a limited time we hire facilities – e.g. for EMC testing.

You want it cheap

We love what we do but we like to be fairly paid for the value we deliver, and our estimates and quotes will reflect that. Having said that we’re likely to be more cost-effective than our larger competitors.